The Artist

Desirai Renee is a passionate photographer and a skilled poet. Ever since she was a child she has felt the need to talk about the world around her through her camera lens and her poetic writings. 

She is sensitive to the situations or objects that she captures. Obtaining feelings and emotions at the time the image was taken. Using single imagery that points towards a more poetically inspired interpretation of the world.

"Life speaks to me, I photograph what I see and write about what I feel. Photography is not only an activity to me, but a way of thinking and a manner of communicating my love and passion for life and nature."

"Many years ago I acquired a longing for the beauty of nature and the vastness of an ever changing sky and sea. In my pursuit of art I undergo moments of transition, turbulence, and tranquility in search for the perfect landscape. I have a deep desire to convey this, "behind the scene reality", with the viewer. It's in these moments that I am reminded of how small we are when confronted by the powerful forces of nature, whether it be by storm, wind, snow or rain."

I find that the art of landscape photography provides a form of meditation in which I'm able to be self reflective and embark on an emotional journey. My hope is to share this experience when engaging in my love of life and nature."

For Desirai, art doesn't stop at the point of taking the image. It extends and blossoms in her post editing and poetic writings that follow to bring life and creation to each photograph.