Energy...A delicate smooth vibration flowing through the very depths of me,The sound of cascading waters softening my innate...




A delicate smooth vibration flowing through the very depths of me,

The sound of cascading waters softening my innate senses,

In the presence of your admirers I relinquish all my defenses.

Flowing freely,

Though obstacles may try and hinder,

Cannot steal from you your beauty, your elegance, nor your splendor.

Purifying waters freed from fridgid restraint,

Bestowing the essence of life, graciously, without hesitation nor complaint.

I observe you giving in this season most abundantly,

How you quench and nourish all who surround, and those who come to you thirsty.

Oh how precious this lucid observation has taught me,

To give without limitation and flow freely no matter what may try and stop me.

Because there's so much more to our energy than the direction in which we flow,

How far our acts of love and kindness go, we may never really know.

A simple appreciation of one of life's little intricacies,

Perhaps I'll linger just a little longer...

For all I need is here, in your Energy. Photo © copyright by Desirai Renee.


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