Whitefish, Montana, Whitefish Lake, misty, mountain, morning, photo

Misty Mountain Morning

Whitefish, Montana

Here I sit beneath the pine, I have no concept or need of time. Sound so surreal, My state of mind most ethereal. Slowly breathing, slowly, no need for haste. For the kiss of nature on my lips is all I taste. Fog rolling in blanketing my skin. Transformation happening deep within. Journeyed far from yesterday. We must know when to walk away. I felt you calling all along, I knew your voice, I've heard your song. Now here we are, your presence moving within me. Yes, I understand, this is my reality. I'll stay as long as my heart desires, Because it's you my love, I most admire. Thoughts of you, So tender and heart warming. As I walk along the shore of this Misty Mountain Morning.

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